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Many people consider their house to be the biggest investment they own. Which it should be. It’s what keeps you warm in the bitter winter months and cool during the hot summer. It shields you from those gloomy rainy days and natural disasters. Your house does more than that, likewise it’s where you invite friends and family for a nice lunch, or just remaining in and spending some quality family time. Wouldn’t you want to defend this investment? The largest rival to your home is termites.

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Did you know that termites bring more destruction to your house than fires and natural disasters combined, yet termite damage is not covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. Some ways you may be able to look for termite damage is by looking for mud tubes, discarded wings and damaged wood.Now you can investigate your home for notes of termite damage and not see anything, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem. That’s why it is imperative to request a free termite inspection.

We individually tailor your home termite treatment to most advantageously fit your home and lifestyle. Unlike some pest control companies, we are well-versed in multiple termite treatments. That’s crucial because one termite solution may not be the best for your home or case. Bulwark uses the most effective treatments available. Our applications range from liquid, baiting, drilling and wall injections of foam.We recommend The Bulwark Barrier™ which utilizes two to three methods simultaneously to ensure containment.

You’ll also want to recognize the experience of the company handling the termites and be assured they have their general liability insurance. We at Bulwark always have you covered because we always carry more than the minimum of general liability insurance. We know the importance of having a trusted and tested pest control company in Knoxville, Tennesee. Controlling termites is a long term commitment and Bulwark is dedicated to you and making sure you and your family are satisfied for years to follow. We are so dedicated to your home termite treatment and your peace of mind that if an issue crops up, we are committed to revisiting your home within 2 business days to make certain the issue is managed. We’ll always schedule our service around your calendar. We are available Monday through Saturday, 7a.m. through 8 p.m..

Have questions? We have trained specialists ready to answer them via Live Chat.At any time, you can request a Home Termite Inspection from Bulwark for Knoxville Tennesee.

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