Spraying chemicals is not the sole thing pest control is about. Bulwark Exterminating understands Knoxville area pests and Knoxville residents know our pest control services begin with the excellence of our exterminators. At Bulwark Exterminating we commit to listen to you, to be responsive, to keep helpful scheduling options, and, most notably, to carrying the most knowledgeable team to fix your pest problems. Bulwark Exterminating’s commitment to superior service doesn’t quit there. With our Pest Control Service Guarantee and 97% referral rate, we will bring the most effective application available to ensure complete pest elimination.

Look at our Home Pest Assessment to check out your risk level. Not sure what’s bugging you? Look at our library of pests common to Knoxville. Receive a quote and experience that Bulwark Exterminating will make sure you are 100% satisfied, or your money back. If the pests return, we do as well!

“Bulwark” means “a protective barrier” and when we treat a home, we essentially construct a shield around you. We treat pests at their origin, your home’s foundation and lawn, and in-home applications are many times unnecessary. Because every pest scenario is distinct, we customize our exterminator services to fit your home’s particular needs. Should in-home applications be required, you have our promise that they are free of charge and applied as frequently as required.

We use the newest technology to hold pests at bay and give you unparalleled service. Our natural pest control service merges environmentally delicate Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) techniques, and natural products. Our hybrid treatment is more traditional and administers chemicals according to label instructions. One way or another, Bulwark Exterminating will make sure your pests are eradicated completely.



We’ll leave you 100% satisfied with our service, or your money back.
We take time to find the best technicians – those committed to getting the job done right the first time.
We stand out from our competitors with great service and have been recognized for our work.
Our work shines through in the great recommendations from our customers.