If you haven’t had first-hand experience yourself, you’ve likely witnessed it on television or online. An unsuspecting homeowner coming back after a long day at work, switching on the light and finding a giant, gross looking bug darting for cover. Roaches don’t just look disgusting – they can introduce genuine difficulties here in Knoxville if they get the moment to multiply. That’s why you need to call the professional roach pest control experts of Bulwark Exterminating at (865) 320-9022 immediately after you discover just a single one of these pesky critters so we can contain and remove them!

You might be surprised how many distinct types of roaches we have here in Knoxville… one size without a doubt does not fit all! Because Bulwark Exterminating is an authority on these varieties of critters, we’ve gathered data about all the specific types of roaches you can find here in the Knoxville region. Employ our information to help identify the species of roach you are trying to get a handle on. If you’ve looked through the pest identification guide and you still aren’t sure what bug you have running around, don’t hesitate to give us a jingle at 865-320-9022 and our pest professionals will be happy to help you determine the identity with our free pest identification service!


American Roach – These roaches live primarily outside but can be found just about anyplace they might procure food. Along with ordinary nutrition, they will feed on human materials like hair, and fingernails. You’ll find them inside anywhere they can have an ingress to water, but warm, moist environments are where they routinely select to call home.


Oriental Roaches –These insects are dark, either very dark brown to black, and are typically no larger than one inch long. While all pests are dirty to one degree or another, the oriental roach is one of the dirtiest pests that take up residence in residential buildings. You may recognize these pests as water bugs and they can be located outdoors in damp areas. Oriental roaches are known to survive up to thirty days without food if they have access to water!


German Cockroaches – These vermin can sport colors anywhere from tan to brownish and normally have to dark stripes across their bodies. As you may expect, the German Cockroach will eat practically anything and they breed quicker than most of the other types. Their life cycle grants for as many as four generations of cockroaches to be produced in just a single year! German Cockroaches are frequently found inside, which means their normal path into your house could be through a package or delivery.


Brown Banded Cockroaches – As their name suggests, these cockroaches are distinguished by the wide, brown bands that can be found across their backs. The Brown Banded Cockroach only develops to a half-inch long, but they get around extremely smoothly. The females will leave their egg sacks in concealed spots, including corrugated cardboard. This shows how effortless it may be for someone to spread an infestation without being aware of it, just by bringing in a box! These pests can additionally live in dry and damp environments so it can be very hard to exterminate an infestation.


Smokey Brown Cockroaches – This particular cockroach is regularly found outdoors because their food of choice is vegetation. The Smokey Brown Cockroach was awarded its name from its color – it is solid dark brown and grows up to one inch long. They heartily flock to damp areas since they lose moisture through their cuticle. While this breed is usually an outdoor bug, they are more and more moving indoors in some locations of the country.

No one dreams of pests in their house but roaches especially can be a gigantic problem. They disseminate disease and allergens and they multiply rapidly if unchecked. You don’t want these annoying bugs in your house any more than you’d want an unsolicited house guest. Call Bulwark Exterminating at 865-320-9022 or contact us online to discover how we can purify your house of any intrusions from roaches.