Desirable news for Knoxville home owners – they are foul-smelling, they aren’t charming to look at and they are even less exciting to get rid of. These pests make themselves very much cozy and can locate their way into the narrowest of spaces. Once they’ve entered your residence, they can accomplish great destruction to your residence.

Stopping a rat infestation is diligent work. Often requiring a pest control company. They fashion their homes in all sorts of areas. There are two different kinds of rats that frequently plague Knoxville residents. The Norway Rat, which is the kind? of rat most people are familiar with. This rat tends to stay near to the ground and build its home close to plentiful sources of food and water. Should they occupy your home, they’re more likely to establish near to or below ground level.

Roof rats are marginally tinnier than their cousin, only growing to a foot long (including their tail). Generally speaking, the Norway Rat will crowd out roof rats when engaging in the same location. In contrast their cousins prefer to stay near to the ground, Roof Rats spend their time up high. Their favorite habit of passage into a residence is through cabling entrances, they can jump several feet in the air, they are strong climbers and they might squeeze through any small opening to your home.

If rats enter your house it’s to locate something to eat. Unfortunately they’ll eat close to everything, as well as pipes or wires. The other dreadful is that they don’t invade alone. Rats didn’t get their fame for spreading disease by luck. From diseases as tragic as the Bubonic plague to a few of your more garden variety diseases, rats have the potential to bring all of these to your doorstep if not subdued expeditiously.

When you’re not sure which variation of rat has penetrated your house, call the specialists in Rat Control Services! Bulwark Exterminating has decades of training treating rodents. Use your experience by sending us a photo of your rat for our free pest identification service. We’ll let you know accurately what variation of rodent you are treating for.

Our team is ready to help wipe out your Knoxville rat dilemma – just give us a call at (865) 320-9022 or contact us online to find out how we can help you keep the rats outdoors and absent from your household!