Pest Control Videos

Big Spider Attacks Knoxville Lightsaber

Use the force Luke, attack of the clone spiders! Yet another giant baby spider in the house, I have now lost count of the number of spiders and not even Darth Vader could catch this frisky runner. In the end a small vacuum cleaner nabbed the beast.

Roaches Ruin Knoxville Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is all set, the family is here, and everyone is ready for a happy Thanksgiving. What could go wrong? Roaches and other bugs can ruin your party with friends and family. Be thankful for the bug free home your Bulwark Exterminating exterminator has helped you achieve.

How do Ants Get in My Knoxville Home?

Keep this away from small children and pets. Stop purchasing the ant killing product that states that the product lasts up to six months. Kill ants for almost free for good. That is, until another ant family moves in. I would love to know if this work on Fire Ants and other kind of ants. Please leaving your posts here to help others.