Are mice really that treacherous? They are so small! People enjoy them as pets! What harm could a small mouse do to my Knoxville household? The answer is – a good deal. While mice are small and fluffy and a minority of people do have them as pets, they may still be a risk to your household if not dealt with quickly.

Mice are small and they tend to be curious, which means they often get themselves into areas where they should not be. While they will not grow considerably longer than a half foot in length (if you include their tail), they are great climbers and can jump higher than a foot high and squeeze through the tiniest of cracks in your house.

Although that will not sound like much – devastation from house mice has a greater economic burden in the United States than any other pest. There are three leading methods they cause trouble:

    • Structural – House mice constantly chew on just about all things they come upon. This consistent wearing down on the construction of homes in areas not visible to the naked eye can rack up swiftly into severe damage to a home.
    • Health – While they may appear cleaner than their bigger rodent rat cousins, House mice and their fecal matter are bearers for countless diseases and parasites, including salmonella, tapeworm and fleas.
  • Fecundity – If you thought the old wives tales about rabbits multiplying were dangerous, the old hare has nothing on House mice. It only takes baby mice three weeks to gestate so you can go through four, or in a number of cases, five generations in one season!

Finding mice in your household involves observation. Regrettably, there’s not tons you may do to hinder them from choosing your home over a neighbors’ home outside of taking some protective measures. Bulwark Exterminating has the expertise in mouse control service you deserve to hunt down where mice have assembled a nest in your home and eliminate them once and for all. If you want to get ahead of the problem, our technicians can put a shield around your home that will keep them from entering to begin with.

Mice in your Knoxville home is a severe dilemma you don’t want to take mildly. Call the pest control experts at Bulwark Exterminating at (865) 320-9022 or reach out to us online to assist you in keeping these pests out your house for good!

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