Crickets are not frequently believed to be damaging pests. A lot of folks have affectionate thoughts of cheerful cricket cartoon characters in films and television shows. Sadly the “media image” of crickets doesn’t match the world around us. Crickets in Knoxville can become a pest control nightmare! They are harmful and some breeds will even bite!

Due to the fact that so many cricket species look alike, and some cricket species don’t even appear like what you would believe, it can be tough to figure out what genus you are dealing with. Bulwark Exterminating has a heap of experience handling crickets in your area and we offer a free pest identification service to assist you with figuring out what class of critter, cricket or otherwise, you might be confronting.

There are a variety of crickets we bump into more often than others in the Knoxville area – some of the more familiar crickets around here include:

    • Field Crickets – These crickets aren’t too finicky about what they chow down on. While they prefer eating plants and parts of plants, they will also eat other bugs – which includes other field crickets if they get starving enough! These critters grow to no bigger than 1.5 inches long, are black in color and include two appendages extending from their back end. Their mating period can appear in waves so that you might have one or two one day and a full-blown mass of them the following! While they are usually seen outdoors they have been noted to make their way indoors in the middle of freezing-weather months. If they do get their antennae in your home they can do a vast deal of damage to your household items. Even if they don’t get inside they might do a hefty deal of damage to your yard.
    • House Crickets – These crickets seem a little perculiar than what you might be accustomed to… they are short, generally just an inch long, and light tan or brown in color. These pests nourish on many variations of products but synthetic material tends to encounter the greatest amount of destruction from House Crickets. A good technique to counter them from spreading out and multiplying is to prevent them from finding a moist area in your house for them to set their eggs. You’ll know you have an issue with House Crickets if you hear their distinctive chirp, which just gets louder as the temperature gets warmer.
    • Jerusalem Crickets – These bugs don’t examine like a cricket or act like a cricket. The Jerusalem Cricket is an interesting character and it most certainly is a cricket! These critters are large – a few can be up to two inches long, and they are much lighter in color than other crickets. At last, the Jerusalem Cricket is chiefly predatory – they will eat on things in your garden but prefer other bugs. You’ll find these pests underground or beneath solid objects close to the ground. Should you discover one be cautious, they are recognized for their aggression and their bite can be relatively uncomfortable!

Any crickets close to your Knoxville home can turn into a difficult problem if you don’t take action fast. If you need assistance addressing your cricket pest control problem, please call 865-320-9022 or contact us online and let Bulwark Exterminating know how we can help.