Ants! A well-known element of any animated picnic and instantly recognizable as that dark black line walking in uniformity heading towards some food source. The teamwork presented is truly a sightto behold – up to the time when you run into them in your own home crawling over your countertops or plundering your pet’s food dish! Once the Hollywood image has been burst|come to an end|been wrecked by reality, the first action you want to do is remove them, but where do you embark?

When you see a single ant, you are likely only looking at the tip of the iceberg! There is absolutely a colony close-at-hand. It’s essential that you get ahead of the predicament ahead of it growing. This is where Bulwark Exterminating comes in. We know all the kinds of ants you’ll see here in Knoxville, TN, and we likewise comprehend how to remove them. After all, ant pest control is one of our fortes. We can help you get rid of your pint-sized guests swiftly and exhaustively.

To aid you in knowing what you’re facing, we’ve got a brief look at all the ant breeds that you’ll catch sight of here in Knoxville. There are quite a few various species of ants and they all have distinct kinds of behaviors. Take a look at the following list to help identify your ants:



Argentine Ants – These ants are average size, typically black in color, but are overly aggressive. They actually attack and destroy colonies of other ant species! Their own colonies will team up and integrate which can end up as a super colony hosting a number of queens – making them tough to destroy.



Harvester Ants – One of the larger ants you’ll run into, members of this species vary in color from reddish brown to black. These ants create very large and complicated colonies, some going as deep as 15 feet into the earth. As opposed to sweet foods, harvesters fixate their attention on seeds and vegetation. If you see large ants in and around your landscaping, be sure to give us a call at 865-320-9022 as soon as possible!


Little Black Ants – Just like their name indicates, these are some of the teeniest ants you will run into! They are shiny, black and even their queens grow no more than 1/8 of an inch long. In spite of their size, these ants are very strong and can drag up to 20 times their body weight.While they don’t eat solid food, they will suck liquid out of any human food they find.


Odorous House Ants – Ever stop on the floor near a line of small ants and notice them zip around erratically? You’re more than likely looking at a group of odorous house ants. Why are they odorous? Stomp on one and you’ll discover why… when they get smashed they leave an extremely obvious smell that doesn’t smell very good. These ants are drawn in by the sweet stuff (like sugary foods, meats, dairy products and fruit), but tend to lie low during the cold weather months.


Pavement Ants – If you are finding small mounds of dirt near your sidewalk or driveway, your home may be playing host to some pavement ants. These ants are black in color and somewhat regular size. They are nocturnal, but are attracted to light sources, which might invite them indoors throughout their active times. Pavement ants will fight other colonies of the identical species during springtime, so keep your eyes out for some insect “street fights” in March and April!


Pharaoh Ants – A tiny ant species, these ants are additionally reddish-orange in color. That natural camouflage paired with their small size can make them difficult to see. They also can be a massive problem if they find their way into your house. This insect will chow down on just about anything and will even chew through silk, rayon and rubber. They stay active year round and their colonies can mature quickly.


Red Imported Fire Ants – As you might gather, these ants are usually red but do have a black thorax (rear end). One interesting characteristic of this species is that there is no consistent size, red imported fire ant workers can be very tiny to incredibly big. If you notice a mound of these ants, be sure to stay far away. These ants will synchronously respond to any encroachment of their home and can match their painful stinging via chemicals.

There are other types of ants you may stumble across. These are only some of the most typical ones you may meet on your Knoxville property. If you have ant problems, we are your go-to company within the Knoxville region. While normally benign, some ant pest problems can grow into real trouble very quickly if they’re not dispatched. Got ants? Don’t procrastinate. Call Bulwark Exterminating or contact us online to discover how we can help you with our professional ant pest control solutions today!