What is a spider’s web made out of?

Spider webs can be as strong as steel.You may be curious as to how on earth a spider web is that strong when spider webs are incredibly easy to destroy. Well, spider webs aren’t strong in the way you may think them to be. Spider webs are strong because of tensile strength – A.K.A. the resistance of a substance to breaking under tension. Spiderwebs are six times less dense than steel, making them very elastic. So even though spider webs are not as dense as steel, the amount of tension that they can withstand compared to their density is much higher than steel, making spider webs much stronger on a comparative scale.

How are spider webs as strong as they are? Spider’s silk is made out of protein, and protein is formed by an extensive process using the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. This process takes place within live cells.
In a spider, the silk is made by an organ called the spinneret. Spider silk is very sticky and is also conductive to electricity. Static charge from the web causes flying insects to get attached to it, and the stickiness makes it hopeless for insects to get away. Then for the spider it’s time for a snack, and that’s all there is to it! If you require spider control services contact Knoxville Bulwark Exterminating for your free quote today!