Termite Damage May Not Be Covered by your Home Insurance

Termites are a terrible pest to see inside your home. They are bugs that devourer wood, that damage furniture, and most dangerously, that often damage the foundation of your house and many other important structural features that are wooden. And though they usually destroy many things all of a sudden, termites are not covered by a majority of homeowner’s insurance policies. This seems surprising, but it is because differently than a natural disaster it is possible to stop a termite infestation before it happens.

termitesThough you may not think there are termites near your house, in Knoxville, anyplace that there are trees termites have the potential to be nearby. Termites were in this area before any homes were built, and they keep living and thriving off of the wood in trees, and below the ground in colonies eating the roots of trees. Because termites are more present than a lot of people realize, it is very important to implement preventative measures to protect your home from being infested by these pesky critters.

At Bulwark Exterminating we have got the stuff vital to keep you and your house protected against termites. We would love to help you set up a barricade around your building that will keep termites from ever entering it. There is also a system for baiting that is easy for us to put around the house so that if termites somehow do get inside of your home they will meet the poison and the nest of termites will get poisoned before they can actually cause any legitimate damage.

Since homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite infestations, it’s a good idea to put measures in place that are going to stop them from happening. If you have any other questions or concerns, give us a call today at (865) 409-0472, and a professional will be happy to give you the answers you need.