Steps to Take to Avoid a Termite Infestation in your Knoxville Home

Termite DamageWhen people consider what could be large-scale pest control threats to their house, the first things that come to mind are most often floods or fires, not typically termites. Surprisingly, in America, these bugs actually cause more damage to houses than flooding and fires do combined. They can ruin the foundation and integrity of a home before you figure out that they are a problem. Upon seeing signs of a termite infestation, you need to act immediately. At Bulwark Exterminating we have created this termite control guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of termite infestations that sometimes occur here in Knoxville.

The Do’s

There are a lot things that you can do if you want to lessen the problems that come with termites in your Knoxville residence, and the chances that they are drawn to your home at all. The first things to do to avoid these bugs from entering your home are as follow:
Dampness attracts termites, so it is a good idea to inspect places within and surrounding your house for leaking pipes in sinks, or gutters outside that may potentially accumulate moisture and because of this bring in termites. You should do what can be done to get rid of possible development of moisture in your house if you want to stop getting termites.
It’s a widely known that termites eat wood. Seal off any cracks, fractures, holes, etc. that have been made in wooden items at your home so you can block termites from very easily getting into them. It’s also possible to use sand to fill these holes, since unlike wood, sand is not possible for these kinds of bugs to nest in. It’s also possible to avoid termites moving into the wood in your furniture or floors by only getting things made from woods that are less attractive to termites, like cedar, juniper, or redwood. These are the woods that are less preferred by termites.

If you have gotten termites before, it is very important to make arrangements for early pest control inspections because there is a big chance that termites will come again. By having annual inspections, you are able to solve problems before they develop completely.

The Don’ts

If you notice a colony of termites around where you live, you must make sure not to go near it. Do not touch it or attempt to remove it. If you poke at a colony of termites, it might potentially make them move with real potential of them finding their way into your home. You should not attempt to deal with the colony by yourself. Chemicals you have to use that are necessary to exterminate termites are very bad for people, and can be even more harmful in inexperienced hands.

If you have had termites before or you’ve found them around your area, you should avoid using mulch in your yard. If you really love mulch other options are available, such as rubber mulch. As a general rule, it is not a good idea to store any wood near your home, and this includes lumber waste. Termites are attracted to it all, and if they create a house in your yard they are sure to get very fast from your flowerbeds to the inner parts of your house.


If you do end up with a termite infestation here in Knoxville, you don’t need to be stressed! Here at Bulwark Exterminating, we will do everything we can to assure that your termite problem is solved as quickly and efficiently as possible, around your schedule. We have professional technicians who are experienced and will provide you with excellent customer service.
Don’t let just anyone protect your home. You want people who know what they’re doing. At Bulwark Exterminating, we will be sure to give you pest control methods that will keep termites at bay for years to come, including baits, liquids, and monitoring stations, all to keep you covered in the best way that we can.
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