Roach Vs Spider!

[[In a battle between a cockroach and a spider|If it’s spider vs cockroach|Spider vs cockroach[1], spider always wins, right? Typically, that’s what would happen. You can understand then that we were completely shocked when we tried giving our Giant Huntsman Spider a cockroach for dinner, and after a week found only the legs of the spider and an untouched roach inside the cage. The roach had eaten the spider! We took a video of the spider’s initial go at the roach, and in the beginning the spider misses the roach and gets his legs in his web, getting himself stuck! We thought our eight-legged friend would untangle himself and go after the roach later, but he never did.

Eventually, the roach ended up eating him - how crazy! Cockroaches are a bit more ambitious than we thought. Hopefully your home isn’t infested by roaches eating up all of your food, it’s clear that they love to eat since we know they’ll eat a whole Giant Huntsman Spider if they have the opportunity. Thankfully though, if you have infesting roaches, Bulwark Exterminating provides professional roach control in Knoxville and will get rid of any cockroaches safely and efficiently. Call today to terminate any pest control problems you might be having, and click below to watch the video of our spider and roach showdown for yourself!