Pesticide Labels are the Law for Pest Control Companies

Bulwark Exterminating Pesticide LabelsWith pest control, the labels on pesticides, insecticides, and other pest control treatments are more important than you may believe. Pest control labels are legitimately the law- each insecticide label is enforceable under the law and says, “It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.” The main reason that pesticide labels need to be taken seriously is because they are hazardous, and possibly even lethal, if the instructions on them are not closely followed.

Pest control companies are solicited to manage chemicals with respect to their labels. They read the labels and execute treatment legally and safely. Following the laws that surround pesticide labels is the key to operating any kind of normal or specialized pest control service. This is because the clients believe that services they hire are going to correctly implement pest control treatments, in line with all of the laws surrounding the practice. There is an unstated trust between clients and pest control operators, the kind of trust that no pest control technician would ever wish to break.

Homeowner and DIY Treatment

So, you could be curious about whether or not it’s a law for you, a homeowner, to abide by the regulations written on pest control treatment labels. The simple answer is no, and truthfully, following the labels on pest control chemicals is not the priority of many homeowners. Really though, it needs to be. It actually is especially perilous to pay no attention to the labels on insecticides, and in a couple of cases this has brought about fatalities. If you want to efficiently and, more importantly, safely treat for pests in your home, you will want to get a professional and experienced pest control company who makes it clear that they obey the laws surrounding pest control labels. When people make the decision to neglect experts pest control abuse often occurs, and if this happens real problems will occur. The expectation that pest control technicians always carefully examine and obey the labels on chemicals is more than just an expectation, it’s law and it is going to be put into practice, and here at Bulwark Exterminating we make that our priority because we never want the trust we have with our clients to be broken]95]. We strongly believe that the laws embedded in pest control labels should be applied in each and every aspect of pesticide usage and all implementation of pest control.

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