Our Definitive Guide to Dealing with Mosquitos here in Knoxville

Everybody in Knoxville likes summer! Except for one thing… it’s when the bugs come out from hibernation. But if we are honest, some bugs are okay. In the summer there are fireflies and butterflies flying through the air bringing whimsy, beauty, and wonder. The thing that really makes everybody frustrated is the most irritating insect of them all: the mosquito. For ages people have had difficulty trying to keep these irritating bugs away, but no one can ever seem to get home from an outdoor hangout without a few itchy, swollen bug bite. Many people don’t realize it, but real reason that mosquitos should really cause any anxiety is that they can spread diseases through their bite and because of this they often keep adults and kids alike from spending much needed time outdoors. To protect yourself and your loved ones you may need mosquito control around your Knoxville home.

mosquito sucking blood from an armWe can actually do a lot in order to reduce and even prevent the presence of mosquitos at your home. So that you can do that, Bulwark Exterminating has gotten a guide together to show you everything you will want pertaining to mosquitos, including how to prevention and pest control.

Important Information about Mosquitos

First, you might be questioning, “Of course, mosquitos are frustrating, but aside from that are they actually a problem?” The answer to such a question is YES! Mosquitos are really a bigger danger to human beings than any other creature in the world. Many diseases are transmitted by mosquitos, most frequently in poorer countries, but in the US also. In the United States, some people have contracted diseases including Dengue, Zika, and the West Nile Virus, all from mosquito bites. These diseases need to be dodged if possible. Known circumstances of the West Nile Virus lead to fatal neurological disease, Zika has been known to cause birth defects, and Dengue induces flu like symptoms and might eventually lead to death.

Since you now know about some of the reasons you should try to not get bitten by mosquitos, you need to know a little more about mosquitos themselves. To begin, just female mosquitos suck blood. All mosquitos eat nectar from plants, but in addition to this, female mosquitos need protein from blood so they are able to produce and lay eggs. Mosquito eggs are laid in stagnant water. Any item that will hold water for up to a week will be potential breeding ground for a mosquito. If a mosquito lays eggs, she might generate anywhere from 50-500 eggs the first time, which come to life within 1 to 3 days. If the eggs hatch, you will have the dilemma of up to 500 additional mosquitos flying around your house, mosquitos that will breed and make even more mosquitos. Lucky for you, your Knoxville Bulwark Exterminating have discovered many pest control processes for you that can kill mosquitos, mosquito larva, and even keep mosquitos from reproducing at your home.

Knoxville Mosquito Treatment and Reduction


The first step to ensure mosquito pest control on your property is to notice the place they lay eggs. If you want to destroy the mosquitos, you have to eliminate their source. Ideal places for mosquito breeding grounds that should be checked would be practically anything that might hold water, ponds or fountains, flower pots, wheel barrels, bird baths, possibly even rain gutters or holes on a tree that may be able to hold standing water. To be safe, you should look in anything that may be able to hold standing water for a week or longer. If possible, you should get rid of these places or the water within them to deter mosquitos from laying eggs there.


When you’ve identified that mosquitos are a large, unwanted presence on your property, you will want to eliminate the nuisance. At Bulwark Exterminating, we suggest a two method approach that will relieve your Knoxville yard and house of mosquitos. The approach we offer consists of larvacide mosquito dunks and a standard barrier treatment.
Laravaside mosquito dunks are a type of insecticide that kill during the larva stage of an insect’s life. These poison the mosquitos as they are developing in the standing water after they hatch. This is done through a tablet that’s placed into the water and treats it, keeping mosquito larvae from growing into adults, in turn preventing them from ever biting or breeding.
The barrier treatment that we use is called mosquito fogging. It leaves a sticky product on the undersides of leaves where mosquitos typically sleep and hide. These products not only eliminate adult mosquitos, but they also are transferred by adult mosquitos to breeding sites where eggs have been laid, poisoning a lot of the eggs and larvae as well.

Permanent Control

In order to actually end your mosquito issue completely, you’ll have to get your Knoxville neighbors on board. This is because mosquitos will fly almost 5 miles to find food. If you are able to get your neighbors to get rid of any standing water on their property, this is going to greatly help to keep mosquitos out of your area all together.
mosquito swarm in a field

With any additional questions pertaining to mosquito pest control in Knoxville and ways that you can eliminate them, call Bulwark Exterminating at (865) 409-0472 to talk to a professional today!