Bulwark Exterminating Ant Odor ReceptorsHave you ever thought about the way ants so efficiently function in colonies? They live in gigantic families, and communicating is extremely important for them to function. It has bewildered a lot of bug specialists and researchers trying to discover why ants have successfully organize colonies with such intricate social systems.

A new study, done at Vanderbilt Universtiy and led by Lawrence Zwiebel recently released new information about why this might be in the journal of PLoS Genetics. It was found ants have 400 odorant receptors - that’s a lot more than most insects. {{This large amount of receptors gives ants the ability to more easily communicate among themselves and, in turn, work together.

That’s not even the best that has been found out - ants also communicate with a system very similar to our internet - the anternet, if you will. Ants use this system to find out the number of ants that will be needed to go search for food for the colony. It has a lot in common with a system IT expert often use to find out how much bandwidth is accessible on the web. In the bug world, ants are really just little geniuses.
As all of these new discoveries are made, we start to understand how magnificent ants are! Ants can teach us a lot, if we only pay attention. While we continue to study ants and their social structures, it’s apparent that there’s a lot of knowledge we can learn from them as a society. The manner in which they can collaborate and work as a collective team should be an example to all of us.
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