Mosquitoes, bed bugs and more: How to Identify Common Bug Bites

It's really frustrating to get a bug bite - and it’s even worse when you don’t know what bit you|have no clue what bite you! Throughout the year in Knoxville you might get bitten by a bug. It’s smart to know about the kind of critter that has bitten you so you can learn how you should take care of your^can treat the bite. That’s why Bulwark Exterminating made a guide that identifies the most common types of bug bites in Knoxville.

picture of mosquito biteA very common and incredibly irritating bug bite is a mosquito bite. No one hasn’t been bitten by a mosquito. We can put on as much bug spray as we want, but a few mosquitoes find their way onto our skin anyways! Mosquitoes are considered by most to be the worst thing about summer. Mosquito bites are easy to identify, they leave red bump that itches instantly. Did you know mosquitoes are actually the deadliest animal in the world? It’s true! They carry many diseases and often spread them when they bite.

Black widow spiders should never be messed with - they are one of the most venomous types of spiders in the United States. However, they are easy to identify, their coloring is black except for a red spot on their abdomen that looks like an hourglass. When they bite they leave a venom that will leave limbs feeling sore. After being bitten you can get cramped muscles, feel nauseous, or begin vomiting. Black widow bites leave one or two easily distinguishable fang marks in the affected area and the area around the bite will get red and tender. It’s a good decision to seek medical attention when bitten by a black widow because if your reaction to the venom is serious you may need an anti-venom medication.

A more painful bug bite to end up with is a fire ant bite. Fire ants bite multiple times in a row, so if one end up on you get prepared to deal with many red, raised, painful welts that blister. A lot of people aren’t just affected by the initial pain of the bite, but some people are allergic to fire ant bites. If you get bitten by this mean kind of ant and have an issue breathing, feel nauseous, or swell more than normal, it’s important to see a doctor.

Finally, bed bug bites are very important to know how to identify. Not only are they painful, but if ever someone in your home notices they have bed bug bites this is a good indicator that you may be about to be dealing with an infestation. Bed bug bites aren’t painful initially, but after around one day an allergic reaction will take place. The bites become red, raised, and begin to itch horribly. Bed bugs always bite more than once, making rows of two bites or more on their victims.

If there is any reason to suppose that you have or may be close to having an infestation of any type on your hands, get a professional pest control company in Knoxville. For efficient, professional service and treatment in the area, call Bulwark Exterminating today!