Deer Mouse, Cute But Deadly

Deer Mouse, Cute but deadly.If you ever catch a mouse in the home, you might automatically assume that it’s a regular house mouse, right? You might actually have a deer mouse in your house, a mouse that is only distantly related to common house mice. You may not know a lot about them, but these mice is pretty problematic. Deer mice carry one of countless diseases, such as Hantavirus, Lyme disease or even the bubonic plague. Because of this, deer mice are a major target of exterminators and homeowners all over the place, even in Knoxville. Here at Bulwark Exterminating we have put together a description so you know if you have a deer mouse.
Deer mice, as their name indicates, are colored similarly to deer. Tanish-brown fur and a white underbelly define them. They have larger eyes than most other mice and they are fast and agile. They eat fungi, fruit and seeds, as well as insects like the grasshopper, the beetle, the leafhopper, and a wide variety of caterpillars. They make their homes within the old burrows of other animals, or make burrows for themselves.
You have the possibility of seeing a deer mouse inside your home during any time of the year - they don’t hibernate in the winter and remain active the whole year round. If you are having difficulties with deer mice, give us a call at (865) 409-0472 and we’ve got you covered.