Crazy Ants Driving Out Fire Ants in Knoxville, What You Can Do About This Ant Control Problem

Bulwark Exterminating Fire AntsAll the people in the US have heard of fire ants. In Knoxville, you might be very familiar with the Red Imported Fire Ant. You may have even needed fire ant control once and needed to look for an pest control technician or pest control services. In a recent study it has been found that Rasberry (not raspberry) Crazy ants are making their way throughout the United States very quickly. They lessen the diversity of many ant species, beating the other ants when competing for resources necessary in order to survive. This happens because the crazy ants monopolize the food in an area and therefore starve out other species of ants, including the Red Imported Fire ants. Though fire ants are best known for and hated because of their painful sting, many people have said that the Rasberry Crazy ants are worse.

Crazy ants multiply at an incredibly fast rate, and when they have entered a place they completely take over and become almost impossible to eliminate. They don’t just happen to be incredibly great in number, but they also happen to be horribly destructive. Crazy ants are so fast they are able to infest a whole home before you are able to find any pest control service or exterminator, finding their way inside of difficult places, like walls and crawlspaces. They can even get inside of electronics, breaking them by chewing right through electric wiring. This can cause everything from outdoor spotlights to indoor air conditioners to short circuit, causing repairs to be needed.

Since they are so large, when they take over an area they are incredibly hard to kill. These ants don’t eat the same kinds of poisons that other ants will which makes it necessary to use another kind of pest control than you would typically use for ant problems caused by a different kind of ant.

Characteristics of Rasberry Crazy Ants

It’s smart to know how crazy ants look so that you know to get a pest control company on the job impediately when crazy ants start to infest. You can identify these ants because they are 1/8 of an inch long and have reddish-brown coloring. They have fuzz or fine hairs covering them, making it so they have less of a shinny look than more common ants.

To exterminate a crazy ant infestation, it is very important to have an exterminator that knows what they’re doing. There are pest control services available in Knoxville that will help you get your problem under control, and will have an ant control professional who completely understands the correct way to handle the situation. Call Bulwark Exterminating for an ant exterminator today!