American Cockroach Control in Knoxville

Cockroaches are a sort of bug that nobody wants to find inside of their residence or building. But lucky for you, Knoxville roach control is at the head of their game. At Bulwark Exterminating we understand you wouldn’t want to end up with a house full of roaches. We’ve put together a guide on  American Cockroach control so that you know how to identify and get rid of an American Cockroach problem if you ever have one.


The American cockroach is one of the most sizable types of roach, measuring approximately two inches. American cockroaches are reddish-brown with yellow marks around their heads, and two long antennas. These pests are incredibly quick, so watch out. If you see one it will be hard to keep track of, so it’s a smart idea to know where you can find them. Not only are these critters fast moving, they are also fast reproducers. Every female cockroach will lay as many as 10 egg capsules, that each have 15 eggs in them. That’s a total of 150 eggs per roach! The eggs hatch approximately 45 days after being laid. This is one reason that it is important to treat for cockroaches right when you realize your house has an infestation.

American Cockroach ControlDuring an infestation, you can find American cockroaches in lots of areas surrounding your house. Outdoors you will be able to find them in almost anyplace that is dark, wet, or damp. Look around and underneath rocks, plants, and in gardens. Inside the roaches are likely to be inside of cabinets or walls, and underneath sinks or washers. They go into houses while looking for shelter and food, and they eat practically anything. Really: cosmetics, plants, soap, paper, and even hair and toenail clippings. Gross! Because of this, it’s difficult to get rid of their food supply, and as long as they can get shelter and food they aren’t ever going to choose to leave.


American cockroaches are not easy bugs to drive out, especially if the correct treatment is not implemented. It’s smartest to hire an professional roach control company that is going to treat your home the right way, using a power sprayer, baits, and granules. The treatment needs to be powerful enough to correct the problem and make sure that all of the bugs are taken care of.

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