3 Ways Roaches Are Hazardous to Your Health

Cockroaches are some of the most disgusting insects you may find in your Knoxville home. While most people are understandably skittish about cockroaches, it's also common to assume these insects are relatively harmless. However, cockroaches can actually carry a variety of diseases, potentially putting your health at risk if they are allowed to enter your home. Read about a few of the ways cockroaches can put your health at risk and discover how to keep these pests out of your home.

Food Contamination

One of the biggest risks of having cockroaches in your home is that these insects can very easily contaminate your food. When allowed to enter your home, cockroaches can leave droppings on virtually all your food. If you eat this contaminated food, it can cause serious illness.

For instance, cockroaches use their saliva to make your food digestible. In their saliva, there is a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which can cause sepsis, urinary tract infections, and digestive issues when consumed by humans. If you want to keep your food safe, it is imperative that you keep cockroaches out of your home.


Whenever cockroaches are allowed in your home, they can leave behind a wide variety of substances. This can include droppings, saliva, and even cells that have been shed from their bodies. Besides contaminating your food, the substances cockroaches leave in their wake have the potential of causing severe allergic reactions.

Research has shown that the substances cockroaches leave behind contain both allergens and proteins that can cause an allergic reaction. In fact, exposure to these cockroach cells has been shown to induce asthma symptoms. If you already suffer from allergies, it's possible that having cockroaches in your home can exacerbate your symptoms. Keep cockroaches out of your home so that you can prevent a serious allergic reaction.


If you're at all familiar with cockroaches, you know they are very resilient insects. This resiliency allows cockroaches to be carriers of several diseases that are deadly to humans. For instance, tests performed on cockroaches revealed they are carriers of the pathogens that cause dysentery, polio, and typhoid.

As you can see, having roaches in your home can be downright dangerous. If you're continually exposed to these insects, it can increase your chances of contracting serious, and even deadly diseases. Make sure to get rid of cockroaches in your home as soon as possible if you want to preserve your health.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Image via Flickr by steve_lodefink

Now that you know the myriad ways cockroaches can harm your health, you might be wondering how to remove these pests from your home. Removing cockroaches is much harder than you might think, as they can easily burrow deep into your home. Your best solution for removing cockroaches and protecting your health is to hire a pest control expert.

Your pest control professional will be able to assess your home and tell you the extent of your cockroach problem. They can give you solutions for removing these insects and can help you adjust your home, so you don't experience future problems.